14 Oct 2014

Semester in Scotland Blog Post – Hiya

So after a week of touring around lots and lots of places (on the Reformation Tour), this week was a bit slow in comparison.  Nevertheless, it was still fun!

Sunday, we went to church, had lunch at Beth’s, I went back to the flat and took a nap, then we went back to church, and after the boys and I played Pokémon (what else is new?).

On Monday, we had worship, and read in the morning, and had lunch.  Then David, Ethan, and I went to the charity shops in Airdrie, looking for coats for the boys.  We didn’t find any coats, but it was still fun traipsing about the town…in the rain.  The three of us usually have fun together no matter where we are though, so the rain didn’t bother us.  We went back to the church and read some more, and then we went to the boys’ flat for dinner.  Afterwards, they played Pokémon and I read some more for class.

Tuesday, we had worship, we read in the morning, and then we ate lunch.  We came back to the church and had Church Ministry with Andrew where we talked about making space to spend time with God.  It was another great class that was very thought provoking.  Next, we had our class on Paul, and then our book discussions.  After, we went to our respective flats since the boys didn’t have MET. I read some more, and then went to Tesco with Jennie for groceries.  I finally had dinner (it was pretty late) and read some more before I went to bed.

Wednesday, we had worship and then had Systematic Theology with Kenneth Stewart.  It was another mind blowing seminar as we learned about the Law.  The most mind blowing part was when Kenneth said that in Exodus 20, God literally spoke the Ten Commandments to all the people from the mountain, and then it happens again in Matthew 5-7 when Jesus is on the mountain and speaks about the Law. (Sermon on the Mount).  It was pretty cool.  After class, we had a quick lunch, and George took us to Edinburgh and dropped us off near the castle.  We explored there for a few hours and then had dinner at George and Jeanette’s.  It was scrumptious!  After, the girls went to their MET, and the boys went to their flat.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
View to Arthur's Seat
View to Arthur’s Seat
Looking out to the Firth of Forth
Looking out to the Firth of Forth

Thursday, we had worship and then read in the morning.  After lunch, we had a catch up Paul class, and then we went back to our flat.  I decided to take a nap because I didn’t feel well, and I was super tired.  After a quick dinner (just a snack, really), we went back to the church for our Reformed Evangelism class.

Friday, we had worship, and we read in the morning.  It was a bit cold in the church that day so David, Ethan, and I sat in front of the heater.  It was pretty funny.  I made lunch for the boys back at the girl’s flat, and we watched an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Then we went back to the church to get ready for Kid’s Club.  I baked cupcakes and decorated them like pigs!  While they were baking, I got the craft ready too.  We made Pom Pom Pigs!  They were sooooo cute!  And Fluffy!  When the kids came, we played a game, but it didn’t last very long.  Then we had the Cupcakes for snack!  Everyone loved them.  We then had the songs, Psalm (that I made motions up for), and memory verse.  Then Rosie told the story of The Prodigal Son.  I led the craft, and they played a time-killer game (Pig, Pig, Farmer).  Since there wasn’t CY afterwards, David, Ethan, and I went back to their flat and we chilled, and played, and watched Pokémon.

pig cupcakes

Rosie telling the story
Rosie telling the story
Craft of pigs
Craft time

Saturday, I slept in and then cleaned our flat from top to bottom while Jennie and Rosie were out.  David, and eventually Ethan, came over to keep me company.  When I was finally done, we went to the boys’ flat and made dinner.  Then we watched and played Pokémon, and when it was available, we watched the new episode of Doctor Who.  After a long day, David walked me back to my flat, and I went to bed.

Debbie Shafer