21 Oct 2014

Semester in Scotland Blog Post – The Continued Adventures of the Quintessential Quintet

Last week was a quiet week for our titanic team.  With two professors out for various reasons, the fantastic five only had one class to attend on Thursday night.  What lay before them was a week of reading and opportunity.  Admittedly, the students took the week a little easier and devoted time to other things, such as Skype conversations with friends and family from home, work on wedding plans, playing video games, and catching up on television shows.

Four out the five students decided to break out of the sitting and the screen watching, and get out of Airdrie. They hopped on the train and went to Glasgow.  The couple of the group had not ventured to the big city yet, so the other two led them through the streets.  They visited several shops without buying anything, just enjoying the experience of stretching their legs.  As they traveled through the streets full of brick buildings, they hunted for a store of fabric that would bring the two young men of the group warmth in the coldness that was approaching the land they were studying in.  (In short, the boys needed coats, so they went to Primark.)

Once the valiant men purchased their coats of warmth and wonderful comfort and put on that cloth that fended off wind and cold with the awesomeness that permeated every stich—and the girls did their thing and bought various article of clothing—the group ran to Greggs for a bite to eat (this chronicler assigned to record various adventures of the Quintessential Quintet cannot remember which Greggs they went to, as there seemed to be one at the end of every street in the city).  Then they ran back to the train, so that one particular girl of the group could get back to home base (i.e. the girls’ flat) for a quick nap before she went off to walk a friends’ dog.

The rest of the week was filled with more reading and much screen watching.  The couple and their faithful friend finished Legend of Kora, the first season and began the second season.  The mighty men of the five also diligently trained their beloved Pokémon on their video games.  One of the men searched on his game for a certain Pokémon of incredible strength for several hours, of which he comments in a recent interview, “I see now that it was pretty much a waste of time.  I have a feeling if I actually spent more time reading and working on my studies, I wouldn’t be as frustrated as I am and more inclined to be patient.  Now I am behind on my work and all for nothing.”  Well, folks, looks like even the quintessential quintet are human.  The same young man (i.e. me) later on found the Pokémon he was looking for, though now he is putting his free time back in its place, not letting it push out responsibilities, in order that the day would be better used for God’s glory.  Thanks be to God that He is patient in our foolishness!

Ethan Mathews