24 Nov 2014

SRPTS Opening Lecture 2014

On the 22nd October, the Opening Lecture of the Scottish R.P. Theological Seminary 2014/2015 Session was held in Glasgow RP Church.

Rev. Kenneth Stewart chaired and opened the meeting with worship. He began his introductory comments by expressing thanks to Rev. Andrew Quigley for all the work he’d done in getting the Seminary established and seeing it through its first year as Principal.   Rev. Dr. Tim Donachie was then introduced as the new principal of the Seminary.

Having also commended his predecessor for his vision and energy, Rev. Donachie informed the audience of other changes that had recently taken place including the resignation of Rev. David Karoon as New Testament Teacher and the appointment of  Rev. Marcus McCullough as lecturer in Greek.   Rev. Donachie thanked the Rev. Andrew Kerr for teaching the two week intensive Hebrew course and the RP Theological College for the use of their premises for this purpose.  He then asked those present to remember both the students and teachers in prayer as they entered this new academic year.

In his excellent lecture entitled ‘Preaching as Divine Communication’ Dr. Donachie sought to show how God spoke to men through His appointed messengers in both Old and New Testament times and how the command to preach the Word, given to the early disciples and those who would follow them, does not differ in essentials to the commands to prophets and apostles.  Preaching must always be tested by the revealed Word Acts 17:11, but preaching must never be merely the recitation, interpretation, and application of Biblical truth, but also through the preaching of the Word, God is pleased to speak to men to the saving of souls and the building up in righteousness.

A good evening was brought to a suitable end with closing worship, a simple supper, and an opportunity to talk which everybody enjoyed.