17 May 2015

RP Mission Team 2015

RP Missions is the Short Term Mission Organisation of the American RP Church.  The Team this year will be with us from the 21st May to the 25th June.  They will be living in Airdrie in the dorm accommodation, but involved in helping Airdrie, North Edinburgh, and Glasgow, and then they will have one long weekend away in Stornoway.

Joseph Dunlap – I’m from Grampian, Pennsylvania.  At school I attend Grace Gibsonia RPC, (Patrick McNeely is the intern there).  I am in my second year at university, and I am studying Pre-Seminary.  I’ve just finished my four months with Semester in Scotland, and I am looking forward to doing some observing and experiential learning with the RP Mission Team.




Dudley Yacinthe – I am a first generation Haitian American.  I am the middle child of three children.  Currently I am a college student studying health science with a concentration in occupational therapy.  I am very active in my church body; I serve in many ministries, and teach Sunday school, and lead a college and young adult ministry.  I am a full time student and work part time as an assistant manager at a restaurant.



Shea Welch (waiting on visa) – I am in my third year at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City!).  I am currently pursuing a double major in classical vocal performance and German.  I was on the team to Scotland last year as well, and have missed you all greatly since my departure.  I am thrilled to be able to return to see old friends, meet new ones, and serve the Scottish community in the best way I can.  I currently attend a community church near my university in Nashville.  I am visually impaired and have a black lab guide dog, Oleta, who is precious and a great help to me in navigating less familiar areas.


Rosie Perkins – I came on Semester in Scotland last year, and I cannot wait to see you again!  Right now I am wrapping up my time at Geneva College, and I’ll be graduating this May with a 4-year degree in Biblical Studies.  In July I’ll be moving back to Arizona to work as a teacher’s aide for kids with autism.  I love you guys. I’m praying for you, and I am so glad for the chance to see you and worship with you and tell your neighbors about Jesus.




Alissa Terpstra –  I live in Valley Center, Kansas ( a small town north of Wichita).  I have four younger brothers, and yes, I am the only girl.  I am a member of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Wichita.  I am currently attending Butler Community College and hope to graduate with my Nursing degree on May 14th of this year.  When I’m not studying for the Nursing boards, I thoroughly enjoy reading, working as a Pharmacy Technician, and watching football (soccer).



Abigail Parnell  – I was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  I am a member of the Stillwater Reformed Presbyterian Church.  For the past three years I have been studying Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University.  I love books/reading, watercolor painting, and cats.




Emma Moore –  I am the second child of nine, and grew up on a farm in Northern New York near the Adirondack mountains.  I’m currently attending Lancaster Bible College, in Pennsylvania, where I live with my Grandparents.  I grew up going to an Orthodox Presbyterian Church and currently attend a PCA church because it’s the closest Reformed church in the area.