25 May 2015

Home Mission Report

The Irish and Scottish RP churches partner together in mission work both at home and in other countries.  The Committee that oversees this mission work is called the Joint Mission Committee of the Irish and Scottish RP Churches.  Rev. Peter Loughridge represents the Scottish RP Church on this Committee.  This past Lord’s Day, the 24th May, both the Airdrie and Glasgow congregations had the opportunity to hear Rev. Geoffrey Allan give a report on the mission works in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland that are supported by the Home Section of the Joint Mission Committee.  Rev. Allan spoke about planting new churches and how this can take place in a variety of different circumstances.  He also spoke about the work of revitalising small or weaker congregations.  He then talked about the church planting work being done in Enniskillen, Cookstown, and North Edinburgh; the mission worker and outreach to the international community in Belfast at Shaftesbury Square.  He also spoke about the work being done at Woodstock Road in East Belfast and Gateway Christian Fellowship in Londonderry.  He mentioned some of the potential new works, and also talked about the need of some of the older congregations.   He concluded by challenging us to pray, to give, not just financially but of our time and abilities, and to go – on mission teams, on distribution days, or any situation where we can go and help.