23 Aug 2015

Glasgow RPCS Sunday School Outing

This year’s Sunday School outing was held, for the fourth year running, at the home of the Gillies family.  Despite the grim forecasts of dismal downpours, the children, adults, and elderly alike enjoyed a predominantly sunny afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship.  The afternoon began with some games for the young at heart; ‘duck-duck-goose,’ a ‘tug-o-war’, and some rounders have all been firm favourites over the years, and their success was evident again this year.  Despite the usual friendly, competitive quibbles over the fairness on either side of the ‘tug-o’war,’ or the universality of the rules of rounders, I am pleased to report that no bridges were burned – only calories.  As the games wrapped up, everyone gathered around to hear a brief address from the minister on the life and work of Amy Carmichael, with particular attention being drawn to God’s design in creating in Amy the specific characteristics and skills needed for her future calling.  All the children in the creche and Sunday School were given books and some treats as an acknowledgment of their hard work over the course of the year, and a time of worship was had with some singing and prayer.  A wealth of barbecue food, snacks, baking, and refreshments were provided by individuals in the congregation, and people were able to catch up with one another over some wonderful food.  The children particularly enjoy the outing every year, and the presence of the rest of the congregation, old and young, is a huge part of what makes the day so special for them.  Particular thanks must be given to the Gillies family, who open up their home and share so freely with the congregation and its friends on this much-loved day in the church calendar.
Margaret Murray