30 Apr 2017

RP Global Alliance Website

The Reformed Presbyterian Global Alliance has a new website and Facebook page.  Check out the website here: www.rpglobalalliance.org

The Reformed Presbyterian Global Alliance (RPGA) is a consultative community of Reformed Presbyterian Churches worldwide. Formed in June 2015 by the RP Churches of Australia (RPCA), Ireland (RPCI), North America (RPCNA), and Scotland (RPCS), it also represents the RP Churches in Canada and Japan which are currently part of the RPCNA.

The goal of the RP Global Alliance is to work together in order to better utilise the resources already existing within the worldwide RP Church, in the fulfilment of our collective God-given responsibilities. It also provides a means by which other Presbyterian and Reformed churches in the world can access this worldwide Reformed Presbyterian community, a community which in the providence of God has been a part of the visible Church for the past 300 years.