4 Jul 2017

RP Mission Team – Week Four

On June 19th, we went into a Roman Catholic school in Airdrie to share our presentations. Unlike in the previous school, each group had a full class to themselves. I think that this gave it a little less of a personal feel, as you were giving it once to twenty students instead of five or so at a time. However, this set up also gave us more time for questions. Each group received thoughtful questions after they had given their presentations, and also had time to go more in depth with their answers.

We also went into the Sunrise Christian School in Glasgow. A few members of the group gave their testimonies. It was encouraging for me to speak to them, because it was the first time I had received questions in direct response to my presentation. After that, we also were able to spend time with the students during their break, which was a lot of fun.

The last part of the week was spent in Stornoway. We mainly did leaflet distribution during the day, and were able to see a lot of the beautiful landscape that way. We also did some practical work in a Christian school. During a couple evenings, we went to a Christian Conference. The overall theme of the conference was ‘Pursuing Holiness’. The speaker discussed prayer, as well as family worship, and offered a lot of practical suggestions, which was helpful.

Our time in Stornoway went by very quickly, but I enjoyed getting to know the people up there. It was encouraging not only to meet people in the church we working with, but also to talk with those at the conference.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the fellowship with each of the churches. I have learned a lot about the work that God has been doing in the churches and in the schools. It has been encouraging to hear about how Christ has been preserving His church, and I look forward to seeing how He will continue to work here in Scotland.

Susanna Spitler