29 May 2018

RP Mission Team – Arrival Week

First week down! Our team is settled in and ready to serve where we are needed.

Thursday was our first full day here. We toured Glasgow for most of the day and thoroughly enjoyed
seeing the university, local shops, and enjoying ice cream from Nardini’s.

Friday, our team visited North Edinburgh and met with Peter Loughridge, the minister of the RP
North Edinburgh church. He gave us an overview of what our time there will look like this week as
we distribute 7,500 leaflets inviting locals to the church. After meeting with Peter, we came back to
the church in Airdrie and prepared for Kids Club and Covenant Youth’s murder mystery that evening.
Both went well and gave our team a wonderful opportunity to work with the youth and kids as well
as with each other.

Saturday, we got dressed and headed out the door for a lovely day of a St. Andrews Reformation tour
with Jimmy and Helen. Our team truly enjoyed the whole experience. We visited the ruins of the
very first Presbyterian church, heard about John Knox and visited a pulpit he spoke from, learned
about the ruins of the St. Andrews Cathedral, and so much more. We all agreed that our time there
was incredible.

Sunday was our first sabbath here and we worshipped with the Airdrie congregation. Each of us felt
so welcomed and enjoyed the Psalm singing, fellowship, and sermons.

As we head into our second week here, my prayer is that the Lord would equip us, give us courage
when we need it, and prepare the hearts of those we will reach. I am so thankful to be serving the
Lord with such a wonderful team and congregation here in Scotland and believe the Lord is already
doing great things!

Hannah McNeill

Team road trip to St. Andrews with Jimmy and Helen


Visit to first Presbyterian church ever built