21 Jun 2018

RP Mission Team – Week Four

Greetings from Scotland! We finished an amazing week doing the Lord’s work in Stranraer. We arrived Saturday and got to work leafleting right away. We were encouraged by many positive responses while leafleting. Sunday we attended services with the RP church. It was great to get to know the local congregation and be encouraged and challenged by God’s word. The rest of the week consisted of more leafleting, sharing meals with members of the RP church, attending special church services, and cleaning out the local football (or as we say soccer) bleachers. We got back to Airdrie from Stranraer late Thursday night. Friday we did practical work at the church. We ended our busy week on Saturday with a day off to rest and recoup.

We are saddened ending week four because we know our time in Scotland will be coming to a close shortly. We are also joyful knowing that the work being done here will have lasting impact in the communities we have been serving.

As we go into our final week we ask for prayer.

Firstly, please pray that the Lord would give us endurance, that we may never tire of doing his work.

Secondly, pray for the lost people of Scotland. Pray that they would see their need for the gospel and that the Lord would prepare their hearts to hear His word.

Lastly, pray that the Lord would be glorified through all the work we are doing. That He be at the center of all we do.

In Christ,

Carlie Appletoft