9 Aug 2018

Junior Camps 2018

This summer nine young people from three RPCS congregations were away at the Irish RP Junior Camps.  Campbell Quigley, Adam Smith, Ethan Muir, and Jamie and Eva White from Airdrie; Katherine, Ellie, and Anne Maughan from North Edinburgh; and Hannah Hall from Stranraer were all away at Camp.  In addition to the young people, Rev. Peter Loughridge and Rachel Nelson from North Edinburgh RPCS were leaders at Boys Discovery Camp and Girls Discovery Camp, respectively.

Here are the children’s impressions from the week.


Girls Discovery Camp – Eva, Ellie, and Anne

The talks were on the fruit of the Spirit.  What was one thing you learned or remember about the talks?

Eva – That it’s about the inside not the outside.  We are the failed vine; we aren’t the perfect vine like Jesus.

Ellie – I didn’t really know what the fruits of the Spirit were, so I learned about them and the different ways people show them.

Anne – Jesus took our rotten grapes on His shoulders.  (ed. In the very first talk the leader explained that we can’t produce the fruit of the spirit unless we abide in the vine, which is Jesus, and that by ourselves all we can produce is ‘rotten grapes’ (sins). So when Jesus took our punishment and died instead of us it was like taking our dirty rotten grapes on his shoulders.)


What was your favourite activity during the week?

Eva – Quiet time and Surfing

Ellie – Surfing

Anne –  Surfing


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Eva – Learning about Jesus Christ.

Ellie – Spending time with my squad in the talk shop.

Anne – The talent show.



Girls Adventure Camp – Katherine and Hannah

The talks were on the book of James .  What was one thing you learned or remember about the talks?

Katherine – I hadn’t really thought about taming the tongue before.

Hannah – Some of the topics we learned were: taming the tongue, submitting to God, and genuine faith.  We learned that there is no situation where prayer is not relevant, and that our quiet time is really important.


What was your favourite activity during the week?

Katherine – The zip line.

Hannah – My favourite activity was the powder paint fight – it was so fun; and the 500m zip wire was also amazing.


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Katherine – All of it!

Hannah – Overall I found making new friends and the talks were my favourite things about Girls Adventure Camp.



Boys Discovery Camp – Ethan and Jamie

The talks were on how Jesus loves His Church and also persecution around the world .  What was one thing you learned or remember about the talks?

Ethan – If anyone isn’t a Christian, you can still become a Christian, there is still hope.

Jamie – God is always with you even when you feel alone.


What was your favourite activity during the week?

Ethan – The waterpark.

Jamie – The officer hunt.


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Ethan – Everything!

Jamie – How we got to learn more about God.



Boys Adventure Camp – Adam and Campbell

The talks were on the Sermon on the Mount .  What was one thing you learned or remember about the talks?

Adam – You have to have a firm foundation.  You have to keep adding on layers to it.

Campbell – The talk on the Lord’s Prayer, teaching us how to pray and what to pray, was really good.


What was your favourite activity during the week?

Adam – Going to the Edge – a big assault course with banana boating afterwards.

Campbell – When we went to the beach and played Capture the Flag and VIP.


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Adam – Being with Christian friends.

Campbell – I quite enjoyed the discussion groups this year.  They were really helpful.



The Leaders’ Highlights

Rachel – This year the talks at girls camp were about the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-24, and one of the biggest highlights for me was seeing how the well the girls listened to and understood the talks, which was seen in our discussions about them in squad times. In the first talk one of the officers explained how all of our sins are like rotten grapes that Jesus took on his shoulders for us and got rid of on the cross, and at the end of the week this image had still stuck with girls in my squad and helped them to understand the gospel, which was so encouraging.

Something else that I loved about camp this year was seeing the friendships developed by our Scottish girls, and how they were making plans to stay in touch with others met at camp. Christian friendship is such a big blessing and something that is so needed, so it’s great to see God using camp to bring that about between our churches. Despite the rainy weather this week we still managed to have great fun in all activities, and other highlights included dressing up with a ‘back in time’ theme for an outing- it will take me a while to forget seeing 80s disco chicks, Egyptian Cleopatras, and cavewomen roaming round the Ulster-American folk park… don’t think we quite got the ‘Irish emigration era’ memo!


Peter – My best bits of BDC 2018 were:

– A superb talk we heard on Sunday night about the flood and fossils and dinosaurs (by Phil Robinson of Creation Ministries International). The boys in my squad were fascinated and full of loads of questions afterwards. I think it will give the boys real confidence that they can believe the Bible.

– Dressing up as a Minion to ‘hide’ in the streets of Enniskillen and be found by the campers!

– The usual BDC favourites like lots of football and volleyball and a slippery slope and a waterfight.

– Most of all, the talks from the book of Acts on the theme ‘Jesus Loves His Church’. As you would expect from Acts, the Holy Spirit featured in a lot of the talks – which I think was helpful for boys that age, who might not understand much about Him. We also learned about the ordinary people Jesus uses to build His Church; how persecution can’t stand in the way of His Church; how people like Saul can be spectacularly transformed, but others (like Festus and Agrippa) can hear the message but not accept what is offered.