9 Jul 2019

July Open Tour

This week is the July Open Tour for Reformation Tours. Most of our tours are private, customised tours organised for groups or families that have contacted us, but the Open Tour is our Classic Reformation Tour, and we set the dates and open it up for anyone to come on it. We have two this year, the one this week in July, and another one the 7th-14th September. There are 13 people on this week’s Tour from North Carolina and Indiana.

It’s not too late to sign up to our September open tour which runs the 7th-14th September 2019.

Come hear of faithful Christian heroes like John Knox, Alexander Henderson, Samuel Rutherford, and many more. Learn about Scotland’s First and Second Reformations at the locations where the major events happened.

From Edinburgh’s Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the mighty fortress of Edinburgh Castle, the number one tourist attraction in Scotland, to locations off the beaten track, quaint towns and villages, lonely farms and forgotten battlefields, we walk in the footsteps of not just the big names in Scotland’s Reformation history, but also the ordinary men, women, and children, and tell their stories, visit their homes and graves, hear of their unyielding faith, and see the sacrifices they gave for the freedoms we have today.

Get more information and the full itinerary at: http://www.reformationtours.org/…/scotland-reformation-tour/