11 Jul 2019

Senior Camp

This year six young people from the Scottish RP Church travelled to Northern Ireland for the Irish RP Senior Camp. Calvin Quigley and Anah Laverty from Airdrie; Heather Macleod, Eilidh Campbell, and Sarah Turnbull from Glasgow; and Rachel Nelson from North Edinburgh were all there. Here are some of their thoughts about the week.

What was something you learned from the talks?

Heather: That our identity belongs to Christ, we are fully Christ’s and as much as we are blessed as He is, we suffer on this earth as He has.

Anah: The talks this year were focused on ‘identity’ but specifically our identity through what Christ tells us in Scripture. The final talk was titled ‘Identity as Salt and Light’ and throughout this, Robert explained how both salt and light are used within the world to achieve the opposite effect of the thing they are used on. Salt is often used to prevent decay, and when there is darkness, light is brought in. We should act as opposites with everything we encounter in order to make a notable differentiation between us and the world. Robert also told us that our lives and conversations should be seasoned with salt – it should be clear when there is something different within us when compared to the rest of the world, and we should aim to stand out and be different in a world full of people trying to fit in and find their identity through false idols.

Eilidh: This year the talks were on how God defines us. In today’s day and age we are told to look to ourselves for our identity but as Christians we are to remember that our identity doesn’t come from ourselves, it comes from God. The talk I think that really summed this up was the last one “As salt and Light” (Matthew 5 vs 13-16). In the world today we see a lot of decay and darkness, we are called by Christ to be different from the world in our identity so that people will see the light of Christ through us.

Rachel: The talks were a brilliant reminder of different aspects of our identity in Christ. I think one of the main things I’ve taken away as a challenge is the fact (not choice) that God has made me a disciple – a ‘fisher of men’ and that this does not rest on my ability or ingenuity; Jesus said “follow me and I will make you a fisher of men”- therefore as I follow Christ, He brings in the harvest, and this is guaranteed.

Sarah: Robert McCollum based his series of talks on identity. He talked about God defining us as Christians, believers, saints, brethren, disciples and salt and light. It was quite an eye-opener to see how we let God down time and time again as we fail to sacrifice things in this world and give all to His glory. I learned also that we should treat our brothers/sisters out of love and loyalty remembering that we have the same Father and older brother, Jesus. Finally, we are called to follow Christ and I learned that we must go out into the world instead of hiding. Just as light is only effective in the presence of darkness so too we stand out against the corruption of the world. Matt 5:14-16

Calvin: In the fourth talk, “God defines you as a brother/sister”, there was a really clear reminder of our belonging to Christ. It really made clear to me how we should seek to live our lives practically, treating one another with love and loyalty, as a Christian family.

What was your favourite activity?

Calvin: Favourite activity would have to be the games night. It’s not often you get to defeat two giants in ankle wrestling in one evening. Not to mention the thrill of victory and the rush of lifting the trophy (bag of Haribo sweets) amongst brothers and sisters you have been in the depths of battle with.

Heather: Favourite activity was probably the trip to the beach as it was such lovely weather and a beautiful view of God’s creation.

Anah: The best activity for me was Monday madness – the messy games. These are always such great craic and the warm weather made getting soaked with freezing water a little more bearable this year!

Eilidh: On Tuesday we went to let’s go hydro which is basically a big bouncy castle on water, I was pushed in the water probably more times I was actually on the floats, but it was very fun. That evening we had a BBQ by the beach and played volleyball, it was lovely

Rachel: Hard question! I thought there was a really good mix of activities this year, but perhaps especially enjoyed the indoor trampoline park. Or else winning in the team sports day on Friday!

Sarah: Let’s go Hydro was my favourite activity which was an outdoor inflatable park on water. It was a superb day for it and to top it off, we headed for the beach after and had a BBQ.

What do you like best about Senior Camp?

Heather: The thing I like best is fellowship and psalm singing.

Anah: I love going to Senior Camp and just having such great craic with all of my old friends. Camp has always been a place for me to see the people I have know since I was 10 years old for another week during a new summer, and it never gets old. The conversations and the memories I come away with are always something to hold on to, and something to keep me going back each year. The older I get, the more I realise what an amazing resource camp is and how much I have learnt over the years (and how much I still need to learn), but I am more eager than ever to hear more about the gospel and its intricate messages.

Eilidh: One of the things I love most about camp every year is the singing. It’s so wonderful to hear so many voices praising together.

Rachel: The fellowship with other believers of a similar age- there’s something so special about purposefully gathering together for one week to learn more about God together and to spend time encouraging and getting to know one another better, while having also having great craic! So many great memories have been made at Senior Camp, and I’m so thankful that God has given our church this massive blessing over so many years.

Sarah: At Senior Camp, I enjoyed all the team challenges. That includes competitive sports, messy games, ice-breakers, the officer hunt and many more. It was a great way to bond with others and get involved. Another thing I loved was the evening worship. The singing was amazing and it was a great way to praise God at the end of a busy day.

Calvin: There aren’t many places where you can walk into a room, having not seen people in a year, and just carry on as if you never left. I think Camp is unique in that way, it’s always great to spend a week with friends, but it’s even better spending it with siblings in Christ.

Eilidh writes: “This is a photo I got with John and Kerry, it was their last year as house parents. They’ve been my leaders for the past three years and could not have asked for a better pair.”