16 Sep 2019

Young Adults Weekend

The first weekend in September, two of the young people from the Scottish RP Church went to the Irish RP Young Adults Weekend. We’ve asked Calvin Quigley (Airdrie RPC) and Uilleam Macleod (Glasgow RPC) to tell us a bit about the weekend.

What were the talks on and what was something that stood out to you from the talks?

Calvin: The topic was a devotional focus on “the feet of Jesus”. I don’t think I’d ever really understood the significance of Mary’s (of Bethany) serving of Christ. Her service is costly and is done in the face of criticism, but she is commended by Christ. Mary exemplifies the listening attitude we should strive for as believers, hearing the Word and acting upon it.

Uilleam: The talks were about ‘The feet of Jesus’, where Mr McCollum spoke on passages where we saw people come to the feet of Christ. What stood out for me was the Saturday morning talk, where Mr McCollum spoke about Mary of Bethany being at the feet of Jesus while Martha rushed around, trying to be hospitable. The point made was to question our priorities in life, do we get carried away in the business of life, or do we take sufficient time to sit at the feet of Christ and listen to Him. A hard challenge to hear, but a helpful one to be reminded of, especially timely as we students head back to uni.

What other activities did you do?

Calvin: It was a refreshing Saturday afternoon for some of us as we spent hours in the sun mastering the worlds greatest sport, spikeball.

Uilleam: As for other activities, Marcus Kelso had spikeball in the car boot, so that got seen to as well.

Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to others? Why?

Calvin: Yeah! It’s always great to be with friends and spend time in fellowship. It’s a great opportunity to focus yourself on Christ, and take a short break from the rest of life’s busyness before heading back to uni or work after summer.

Uilleam: I had a grand time and would recommend to others. Good fellowship had, good craic, and just a really lovely bunch of folks to share the weekend with.