5 Nov 2019

Reformation Tours Visits Local Christian School

The time around Reformation Day is always busy for us at Scottish Reformation Tours with Jimmy giving talks on Scotland’s Reformation and the Covenanters. This week one of the talks was to the primary school children at Melville-Knox Christian School in Glasgow.

The children and adults all dressed up as characters from the Reformation (one even dressed up as the church door at Wittenberg), and Jimmy gave a talk on how Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg affected Scotland. They learned about Patrick Hamilton, George Wishart, John Knox, and we even covered the Covenanters.

We’ve had the privilege of taking these youngsters on Reformation Tours in the past and we are always so thankful for their enthusiasm and willingness to learn more about this period of our history. We pray that more of Scotland’s schools would follow their lead.

Find out more about the school at their website: https://www.melville-knox.org.uk/