29 Oct 2021

This Week in Covenanter History: the Battle of Fyvie Castle

On the 28th October 1644, the Battle of Fyvie Castle was fought.

The stunning Highland fortress, Fyvie Castle, is a great place to visit with a very long history.

The Battle of Fyvie Castle is a little known but ferocious encounter between James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, and his Royalist forces and Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll, and his Covenanter troops.

It was part of Montrose’s campaign during the Civil Wars to raise royalist support in Scotland for Charles I and oppose the Covenanters.

Argyll wanted to draw Montrose and his men out to battle in the hopes of ending the royalist cause in Scotland. However Montrose knew defeat was likely and secured a very strong defensive position on the high ground near the castle. From here he managed to repulse several attacks from the Covenanters. Small skirmishes continued for another couple of days.

Frustrated and running short of supplies Argyll had no option but to eventually withdraw, at which time Montrose took the opportunity to make his escape.

An often overlooked, but nevertheless important battle in Scotland’s history.