9 May 2023

May 2023 Good News

The May edition of Good News is now available to download.

This month brings an historic event – a coronation. I wonder how many of our readers remember the last one. Dr Tim Donachie makes some comments about how we should think Biblically about this event and what our responsibilities to the new king are.

Mark Loughridge continues his helpful series on apologetics. I have found his tips on considering the worldviews of others thought-provoking. I think that a series such as this one could be useful for members to get together and discuss, particularly applying it to the scenarios in which they find themselves.

We interviewed Rev Kevin Jia, minister of Nissi RPC in Vancouver about ministry to Chinese people. In 21st Century Scotland where many migrants come and make Scotland home it is useful for us to think about the opportunities and challenges of ministering to immigrants.

Our historic reprint comes from Rev. John McKee, who served as minister in Penpont RPCS (1873-1891), Dromara RPCI (1891-1898), and then Wishaw RPCS (1898-1930). This piece deals with the important subject of family worship, which we encourage all our members to engage in.

I’m thankful for Ian Gillies giving us another beneficial devotional and Peter Loughridge tackling another difficult question for our teenage readers.

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