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The Tomb of Alexander Linn – Shepherd, Covenanter, Martyr

24 May 2019 | Featured News

Alexander Linn was shot on the spot on Craigmoddie Fell, a remote part of Wigtownshire, in 1685 after being found with a pocket Bible. In…

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Maintaining Peace Among Believers

23 May 2019 | Featured News

Rev. Stephen Steele, Stranraer RPC, has been recently preaching on the fruit of the Spirit. You can read more about his latest sermon on peace…

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Mission Update Meetings

22 May 2019 | Featured News

The Irish RP Church and the Scottish RP Church work together on a Joint Mission Committee that oversees home mission work, overseas mission work, and…

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Suffering and Hypocrites

21 May 2019 | Featured News

Stornoway RPCS had two special worship services this spring where Rev. Stephen McCollum addressed questions that are often asked relating to why people suffer and…

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Fostering and Adoption

20 May 2019 | Featured News

Rev. Peter Loughridge, the minister of North Edinburgh RPCS, recently spoke at a meeting in Newtownards RPC in Northern Ireland at a meeting on Fostering…

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Spring Edition of Good News

13 May 2019 | Featured News

The Spring edition of Good News, the magazine of the RPCS, is now available to download. It features articles by Dr. Tim Donachie on the…

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Stranraer Communion

8 May 2019 | Featured News

Next Lord's Day (12th May), the Stranraer congregation will be partaking in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. A preparation service was held last Lord’s…

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Jehovah’s Witnesses in Stranraer

7 May 2019 | Featured News

Stranraer RPC has a post on their website about the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses as well as a helpful three minute video from a former…

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Covenanters in Lanark

6 May 2019 | Featured News

Reformation Tours has produced a new video on the Covenanters in Lanark. You can watch it above. We've had several Tours so far this year,…

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