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Reformation Tours: Assassination

6 Dec 2019 | Featured News

Did you know the very first assassination of anyone by a firearm happened right here in Scotland? On the 23rd January 1570 James Stewart, 1st…

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Stornoway December Newsletter

6 Dec 2019 | Featured News

The December newsletter of the Stornoway RP Church is available to download here.

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Airdrie Kids Club Party

2 Dec 2019 | Featured News

To read about the recent Kids Club party at Airdrie RPCS, click here.

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Irn Bru saga reminds us new isn’t always improved

28 Nov 2019 | Featured News

To read Rev. Stephen Steele's latest article in the local paper, click here.

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Reformation Tours: Solemn League and Covenant

27 Nov 2019 | Featured News

This is the copy of the Solemn League and Covenant which is on display in the National Museum of Scotland. But what is it, and…

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November Edition of Good News

26 Nov 2019 | Featured News

The Autumn edition of Good News, the magazine of the RPCS, is now available to download. In this edition, Dr Tim Donachie brings a much-needed…

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Reformed Theological Journal

25 Nov 2019 | Featured News

The Reformed Theological Journal is published by the faculty of the Irish RP Reformed Theological College in Belfast. Last year's issue featured an article on…

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Reformation Tours: Glasgow Cathedral

20 Nov 2019 | Featured News

There is a lot to see in and around Glasgow Cathedral with regards to Scotland's Reformation and the Covenanters, and it's one of the places…

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Kanye West: a modern-day Covenanter?

15 Nov 2019 | Featured News

To read Rev. Stephen Steele's latest newspaper article, click here.

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Psalm Singing From Youth Weekend

5 Nov 2019 | Featured News

You can now listen to some of the Psalm singing on Soundcloud from Glasgow RP's Reformed Conference. Just click here.

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