10 Jul 2019

RPCI Statement on same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland

The Irish RP Church released a statement yesterday in response to the votes at Westminster to approve amendments to the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Bill. The Bill is an administrative piece of legislation to address timescales for restoring the Northern Ireland Assembly. But a small number of MPs have put forward a range of amendments to impose same-sex marriage and abortion on the Province. The Bill now goes to the House of Lords. The changes will come into effect if there is no devolved government in place by 21 October.

You can read the RPCI Statement here.

You can read the Christian Institute report on this matter here.

The Irish RP Church has been quite active in the recent year in speaking out against abortion. In March, an Irish RP group called ‘Let them Live’ did a presentation for the Scottish RP Church at Glasgow. You can read about that meeting here.