Against Evangelical Pessimism

23 Aug 2019 | Featured News

Rev. Stephen Steele sums up an excellent and encouraging article by Jeremy Walker about Evangelical Pessimism on the Stranraer website. You can read the article by clicking here.

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Let Them Live

1 Apr 2019 | Featured News

On Friday the 29th March, men and women from all five of the RP congregations in Scotland gathered in Glasgow to hear a presentation on…

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Why we baptise (some) babies – Stranraer RPCS

30 Mar 2019 | Featured News

Stranraer RPCS recently uploaded a sermon that Rev. Stephen Steele preached explaining infant baptism. You can read more about it and listen to the sermon…

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Caerlaverock Castle

29 Mar 2019 | Featured News

The ruins of Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries. Beseiged by a Covenanter army in 1640, it held out for 13 weeks before surrendering. This photo shows…

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Stornoway Special Service

26 Mar 2019 | Featured News

Stornoway RPC is holding a special service this weekend, where Rev. Stephen McCollum will preach on a question asked by many people. “Why Does God…

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Glasgow Pro-Life Event

25 Mar 2019 | Featured News

The Glasgow congregation have invited Rev. Philip Dunwoody and Rev. Joel Loughridge from the RP church in Ireland to come and speak to us about…

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Church Buildings in Wigtownshire

19 Mar 2019 | Featured News

The Stranraer church building featured in a 2016 publication about church buildings in Wigtownshire. You can read more about this on the Stranraer website here.

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Stranraer AGM

19 Mar 2019 | Uncategorised

Stranraer RP Church recently had their Annual General Meeting. To read a synopsis of the work that has been done there over the past year…

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Week of Prayer for Nantes RPC

16 Mar 2019 | Featured News

The Joint Mission Committee of the Irish and Scottish RP Churches has called for a week of prayer for the RP Church in Nantes, France…

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Induction of Rev. Andrew McMillan

11 Mar 2019 | Featured News

On the 9th March 2019 the Airdrie RP Church was packed with over 130 people for the induction of Rev. Andrew McMillan as the minister…

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