Reformation Tours: Glasgow Cathedral

20 Nov 2019 | Featured News

There is a lot to see in and around Glasgow Cathedral with regards to Scotland's Reformation and the Covenanters, and it's one of the places we visit on our tours regularly.On the 21st November 1638, a few months after the…

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New Let’s Worship God Series on Ezra

22 Apr 2019 | Featured News

We are starting a new series in the Let's Worship God booklets on Ezra. The notes are written by Rev. Daniel Hemken, minister of Hebron…

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Update From Ian

15 Apr 2019 | Featured News

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends, As I near the end of my first year at seminary, I have much to be thankful for. We often…

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The Lollards of Kyle

15 Apr 2019 | Featured News

Before the Covenanters, before John Knox and the Reformation in Scotland, even before Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door in Wittenberg, there…

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RPs at Banner of Truth

13 Apr 2019 | Featured News

Rev. Stephen Steele (Stranraer RPCS) recently attended the UK Banner of Truth Conference. You can read his report about the conference on the Stranraer website…

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John Livingstone Commemorated

12 Apr 2019 | Featured News

Last month a new plaque was unveiled marking the ministry of the Covenanter John Livingstone in Stranraer from 1638-48. You can read more about this…

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GROW in North Edinburgh

10 Apr 2019 | Featured News

On Friday 18th January 2019, a new monthly young people's work (called GROW) began. The goal is to give an opportunity for learning more about…

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Airdrie AGM

9 Apr 2019 | Featured News

The Airdrie Annual General Meeting is this Wednesday at 7.30pm. You can download the report books here.

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Stornoway April Newsletter

8 Apr 2019 | Featured News

The Stornoway April Newsletter is now available to download by clicking here. It features the second part of Rev. Stephen McCollum's excellent series on 'What…

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“I’m clean enough”

5 Apr 2019 | Featured News

Rev. Steele, minister at Stranraer RPCS, writes regular columns for the local paper. To read the latest one, click here.

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